Amy Poehler

Jazz hands! The actress and producer sports an orange pant suit during the 10th Anniversary Reunion of Parks and Recreation at PaleyFest LA.  Source link

Alex Rodriguez

Coffee, to go! The newly engaged athlete enjoys his morning cup of joe in the Big Apple. Source link

Princess Eugenie

Royal handshake! The princess is warmly greeted by a nurse as she visits the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in London.  Source link

Lil Xan

Showtime! The rapper smiles for the crowd as he performs at Le Bataclan in Paris, France.  Source link

Zachary Levi

Zach attack! The Shazam! actor stops by Build Studio in New York to discuss the new superhero flick.  Source link

Benedict Cumberbatch

Brrrrr! The Doctor Strange star supports Red Nose Day in the UK by taking a dip in cold water. Source link

Dylan Sprouse

Hey you! The actor and businessman pairs some major patterns in his outfit at the opening party of Hudson Yards in the Big Apple.  Source...

Colin Farrell

Movie premiere time! The actor attends the Dumbo premiere in Tokyo. Source link


Cover star! The 'Level Up' singer flashes an issue of her Instyle cover to the cameras before attending an event in the Big...

Joey Fatone

The N*Sync singer gives his best boy band pose at the premiere of The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story at SXSW...

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Amy Poehler

Alex Rodriguez

Princess Eugenie

Lil Xan

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